Station mainly for RTTY:

• IC7000
• Laptop IBM T60 with docking station, 2 screens, XP Professional
• Tokyo HY-Power HL1-.1KFX
• Software: N1MM with HRD/DM780 or MixW 2.19
• Expert Standard Interface

Middle – SDR Station mainly for CW:

• Elecraft K3, 2nd RX etc.
• LP-PAN, EMU 0202
• micro Keyer II
• Quad core, 2 monitors, 24″ and 20″


o LP-Bridge
o Power SDR IF/Stage v.
o N1MM
o CW Skimmer
o Clusterjoin (W1VE) bringing internet cluster and CW Skimmer signals to the N1MM band maps
o Band master

Right – Station mainly for band watch or CW or very seldom for SSB or digi modes

• Flex 6700 (under the table)
• Quad core PC, XP Professional
• 2 monitors, 20″ wide and 24″ wide
• Expert 1K FA-linear (in SO2R)
• Sym. antenna coppler


o Flex SmartSDR v.1.0.0
o DDutil 3.0 (from K5FR) for virtual ports and using the Expert 1K-FA linear in SO2R for the K3 and the F5K
o HRD or using N1MM with CW-Skimmer, clusterjoin from W1VE
o Band Master, DX Atlas, VOAprob

Have a look :


Dipol with symm. feed line, HyGain AV640,

For external use during DXpeditions, Field Days, Contests:

5 band Spider Beam
4 SQ for 160m
4SQ for 40m
4 SQ for 30m
Phased array for 40m etc.
div. Spider pools for vertical and horizontal antennas, Beverages